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Hi, thanks for visiting The Avant-Garden! This is a fresh, newly launched nutritional food blog (circ. 2014) dedicated to offering you alternative ways to prepare healthy meals filled with local, seasonal, and over all sustainable ingredients.  Brought to you by Matt and Sara, a couple living on the North shore of Massachusetts.  After moving in together, we started to become more aware of what we ate, leading us to a diet high in nutrient dense organic vegetables, grass-fed meats and wild-caught fish.  We are food and coffee enthusiasts and together we bring you The Avant-Garden.

Our mission is to take care of our bodies and minds now, that way we can continue to feel young and enjoy the time we have together and with the people we love. We’d like to share our knowledge and passion to help keep you young and energized naturally and organically using the power of food.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates 460-377BC

Filled with inspiring and manageable recipes as well as interesting fact-filled nutritional and fitness information to help you not only feel better, but thrive in a modern world lacking in evolutionary requisites.  Though we are both new to the food blogging community, we have spent the past few years as students of food and the value of the nutrients they supply (or don’t) .  Now we would like to share what we’ve discovered with you! Come join us and take your health and vitality into your own hands.
 The Avant-Garden featuring Sara Santarsiero and Matt Smith


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    Sue Mason

    Love this! Can’t wait for more.

    • Reply September 16, 2014

      Sara Santarsiero

      Thanks so much Sue!

  • Reply January 10, 2015


    Thanks Sara & Matt!!

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